Rebecca Ramirez

Rebecca Ramirez


Fire Chief
City of Woodland, California

Rebecca has been in the fire service for 25 years. She began as a volunteer in Southern California in 1982 where she attended paramedic school as well as her first academy. She was hired full-time in the City of West Sacramento Fire (WSFD) in the Fall of 1993. She attended a full-time academy through Sacramento and began her full-time career with WSFD in the Spring of 1994. Rebecca came up through the ranks, holding the position of Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, Battalion Chief, Division Chief, and Deputy Chief. In February, 2017, she was offered the position of Fire Chief for the City of Woodland Fire Department, which she accepted and holds today.

Rebecca is devoted to mentoring firefighters and those looking to obtain promotions. She has worked with many young men and women to assist them in their careers. After 25 years in this job, she still loves it! She is particularly interested in closing the gender gap. She has been fortunate enough to have support in offering activities and broadening outreach locally to encompass those underrepresented populations to achieve a more balanced and equitable workforce.

Rebecca has had amazing mentors over her career and would love to share her experiences and help guide young women in their quest to enter the fire service or promote within the fire service.