LaRae Smiley-Sliger

LaRae Smiley-Sliger

Trustee, South Central Region

Serving Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas

LaRae Smiley-Sliger is the current Deputy Emergency Management Director for Hardin County, a role she started on May 10,2021. Previously she was the Main Street Director for the City of Savannah for 2 years. For the largest part of her professional life, 17 years, she was with Tennessee State Parks and some of her roles were statewide responsibilities for the Reservation software system for them, she was a Regional Administrator and had 21 parks that depended on her for support for budget, policy, procurement, human resources, and other duties. She was also involved in training the park rangers to be EMT’s for a few years. While with Parks she was also the logistics coordinator for the Bicycle Ride across TN, which was a 5-7 day ride that had around 300 riders each year and was a part of their Wildland Fire Response team.

LaRae has been an EMT since 2004 and a Paramedic since 2009. She is also an interior certified firefighter.

Her and her husband Daniel, live in Savannah with their fur babies, Hemi & Rascal.