State Representatives

State Representatives

With the growth of Women in Fire the organization identified the need for representation at the state level. The goal of this program is to bring more awareness within the fire and emergency services through local events and outreach. State representatives will work in conjunction with departments to increase the awareness of the mission and goals of Women in Fire.


The State Advocate Program will bring more awareness to the local levels within the fire and emergency services through regional events, outreach, and marketing.


To increase membership within the organization.


Within each state, providence, or other local region, there are organizations that exist to assist firefighters, fire officers, and emergency medical providers. These organizations have already built relationships with their members or constituents. Women in Fire hopes to affiliate with these organizations in an effort to create partnerships. In order to accomplish this, it would be beneficial to have an advocate for Women in Fire in each local area (state, providence, etc.). These advocates would not be considered Trustees and would not have voting powers. They would, however, be recognized as an Advocate for Women in Fire. The responsibility of each Advocate would be to create a list of organizations within their area that may have potential members. Some of these organizations may include (but are not limited to):

• The State Fire Marshal’s Office
• State Chief’s Association
• State Fire Department Association
• Unions
• Volunteer Organizations
• State Fire Schools
• Colleges with Fire Science Programs
• Fire Academies
• CPAT/Assessment Centers
• Fire Departments
• County Organizations

In addition to organizations, the Advocate would be asked to submit information regarding local trainings, seminars, or conferences that Women in Fire may be able to advertise their membership. The Advocate would contact each of these organizations to find out if they would be willing to promote Women in Fire membership. In turn, we could list their organization as a supporter of Women in Fire.


Please complete the application and return to Kimberly Cox at [email protected]. Please also include a letter of recommendation from your Department.