The Firefighter of the Future – Learn about Smart Firefighting

The Firefighter of the Future – Learn about Smart Firefighting

Last year fire departments in the United States responded to more than 480,000 structure fires which resulted in death and injuries to both firefighters and civilians.

Fire Service leaders have the difficult task of gathering information and data from a variety of sources in an effort to insure the safety of the their communities and their firefighters.

The world of technology is rapidly advancing and NFPA and the fire service is working to incorporate these new types of integrated systems called cyber-physical systems (CPS) inan effort to greatly improve performance, safety, prediction and resilience against the effects of fire.

The NFPA pulled together candidates and out-of-the box thinkers from representatives from thirteen key fire organizations including iWomen.

The goal was to address the emerging topics, take action onthis information so that the fire service can swiftly adapt to these emerging technologies.

iWomen has 7 trustees that serve on this board: Candice McDonald, Susan Tamme, Amy Hanifan, Carol Brown, Deborah Pendergast, Angela Hughesm,, and Karen Goodwin.