Nationwide, only 2.5 percent of firefighters are women. Since women have only recently begun to be formally considered firefighters, there have been many difficult adjustments for the fire service, which is a practice steeped in tradition, formalized, para-military relationships and discrimination. Many women face issues involving the workplace, recruitment, and sexual harassment. Women in Fire has provided documentation exposing questions, answers, and personal experience, for a better understanding of these issues.

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The U.S. Fire Administration in November of 1999 published two handbooks written by Women in the Fire Service, covering issues such as those above.

  • Many Faces, One Purpose: A Manager’s Handbook on Women in Firefighting
  • Many Women Strong: A Handbook for Women Firefighters

These booklets update and replace the 1992 document, The Changing Face of the Fire Service. Both may be accessed free of charge from Reports page, and we encourage you to do so.