An Exciting Opportunity for Training & Collaboration

An Exciting Opportunity for Training & Collaboration

iWomen members – this is a great opportunity to study at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with five focus areas, including Environmental Challenges. The tie into fire could be challenging but if you are interested you can reach out to Dr. Gielen and identify yourself as an iWomen member. Please keep us posted if you apply. See below from Dr. Gielen.

I’m writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity made possible by the new Bloomberg American Health Initiative, a program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with five focus areas, including Environmental Challenges.

Part of this Initiative are full-tuition scholarships (plus $10,000 as a stipend) for staff from public and private organizations working on environmental challenges (including fire services and prevention organizations) to obtain a Masters of Public Health Degree from our School. This world-famous academic degree can be accomplished full-time over 11 months in Baltimore or part-time largely over the internet over two to three years.

While taking classes, the students (who will be known as Bloomberg Fellows) can concentrate their studies on environmental challenges as they relate to fire issues, with the emphasis on learning important skills that will help with the design and implementation of innovative programs, policies, and practices. Then, after graduation, the students will return to their organizations to use these skills to make a difference. (Their organizations will have to agree to employ them for at least another year).

Here’s what is especially exciting: Our goal is more than just to train great people; it is also to create opportunities for their organizations. During the academic program, there will be support for small projects for Fellows to lead at their home organizations. Even after graduation, leaders from their organization will be invited to attend major conferences bringing together practitioners and experts on environmental challenges from around the country. There will also be opportunities for the organization to join national networks that can collaborate on research and projects.

If you would like to learn more, there is information about the application process as well as Frequently Asked Questions, online here:

Applicants for the Bloomberg Fellows Program must also fill out the regular MPH application (called the SOPHAS application) and be accepted to the MPH program. More information about this application is online here.

You’ll see that there are a number of requirements for the MPH application, including:

· All applicants must have at least 2 years of health-related experience beyond their college bachelor’s degree.

· All applicants must have had one college math course, one college biology course and one health-related science course. If the applicant does not have one of these courses, there are a variety of ways in which such a course can be completed (e.g. at a local community college, online course, etc.) by May 2017 prior to matriculation in the MPH program.

All applicants must submit standardized test scores (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT) unless they have an advanced degree beyond the bachelor’s degree. There are many GRE testing centers throughout the US: and the GRE test can be taken as late as January 2017.”

In terms of deadlines, the priority application deadline for the regular application is December 1, 2016, with a final deadline of January 31, 2017. The priority application deadline for the Bloomberg Fellows Program application is December 21, 2016 and the final deadline of January 31, 2017.

The number of Bloomberg Fellows to be accepted for the 2017-2018 academic year will be limited as this program starts. This number, however, quickly grow over time to reach 50 Bloomberg Fellows a year within five years. So even if there is not a potential applicant in your organization now, please keep us in mind for next year and the years that follow.

You can send specific questions to this email address: [email protected].
Many thanks and best wishes,
Dr. Andrea C. Gielen
Professor and Director
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