Leadership & Board of Trustees

Leadership & Board of Trustees

Like most other non-profit organizations, Women in Fire receives its guidance and governance from a board of trustees who volunteer their time.

Unlike some non-profits, Women in Fire also relies on its trustees to do much of the work of the organization. The women listed here have worked hard, some of them for many years, for a cause they believe in.

The board meets throughout the year via teleconference calls and during face-to-face meetings to coordinate and report on activities, review finances, decide on new initiatives, and draw up the budget for the coming year.

Being a trustee involves many different things: representing Women in Fire on committees, staffing Women in Fire booths at other organizations’ conferences, helping draft new policies and procedures, working on improving outreach to under-represented groups, writing articles for the newsletter, holding meetings with local fire service women, being a local contact for individual women who need support, presenting workshops at Women in Fire conferences, helping organize those conferences and leadership seminars, attending seminars or serving on task groups, forwarding local information to the national office about promotions, injuries, deaths, important legislation or lawsuits, and so forth. The list is extensive and it is constantly growing.

All of these women deserve recognition for the many hours of effort they put forth for Women in Fire purely out of their commitment to fire service women networking.


The Women in Fire trustee regions consist of seven divisions representing distinct geographic areas of the United States and all of the International community. Divisions provide a conduit between the Women in Fire and the local fire/EMS community and support advocacy, education and networking.

Trustee Divisions

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Trustee Divisions
North West Region (I) North Central Region North East Region North West Region (II) South West Region South Central Region South East Region

North West Region (I)

Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska.

North Central Region

Serving Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa,
Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

North East Region

Serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia.

North West Region (II)

Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska.

South West Region

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico

South Central Region

Serving Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas.

South East Region

Serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.